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Ukrainian wedding customs
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Ukrainian wedding customs

A Ukrainian bride is a breathtakingly wonderful event that is jam-packed with dances and songs. It can last several days with many songs, events, and various festivities. It is typically held on a Saturday ( though extremely religious ceremonies can be performed on Sunday ).

Just before the church festival starts, one of the most significant ceremonies takes place. The bride and groom meet their individual people at the household of the bride's parents during this event, known as the Blahoslovenya. These, the kids of the bride and groom formally consent to their kids getting married. On their special morning, the wedding even gets to meet the wife for the first time here!

The spouses are given a rushnyk (embroidered towel) to stage on after meeting their kids. In their wedding, it is thought that whoever occupies it second will be in charge of the home. Before taking their pledges, the few steps on this blanket that they brought with them to the church.

Another custom that takes place during the chapel service is when several godparent lovers bless the couple. It's really a sight to see that there are frequently 10+ godparent spouses per partners! These are also the same persons who will look after them and wish them the best in their union. The couple eventually makes their way down the aisle hand in hand and accepts their jewels from the preacher, demonstrating that they are a true team!

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